Interactive Multi-Course Dining Experience

Our Private Chef Service & Interactive Multi-Course Dining Experience is truly unique.  Our team lives the reality that "food is art".  We acquire fine, fresh, seasonal ingredients and conceptualize each course similar to how many artists create.  We utilize instincts rooted in decades of experience to fluidly paint on the canvas that is your plate.  The structure includes 10-14 "small plate - tasting style" courses (average) that ebb & flow as our Chef(s) continue to create right up until the food is served.

The interactive component to your evening is one of the most exciting pieces for many.  The Chef(s) are able to provide information about each plate, explain the concepts in play, and interact with you and your guests as this 3.5 to 4 hour food experience unfolds.  Some attendees have questions for the Chef(s) and even learn some cooking techniques, others sit back and watch the magic happen.

Typically we visit your kitchen in advance of your experience to plan how the Chef(s) will work.  In combination with what equipment and dishes you have available the team prepares a large portion of the food LIVE, of course some components need advanced preparation in order to be as quality as possible.  Our experience has proven that keeping a portion of what you will be served "secret" adds to the excitement of the evening.  Our Private Chef Service & Interactive Multi-Course Dining Experience is exactly that, EXCITING!!



Food Is Art.

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